Veg. Boiled Gaozi

Since all gaozis are steam pan fried, this gaozi is intended to be boiled and made specially for vegetarian. Here seasonal veggies, pak choi and mushrooms are chopped and mixed and wrapped around a pastry. Upon boiling the juicy taste is entrapped inside each handmade pieces, making this dimsum standing out. A good tip beside from eating this gaozi on its own is also to boil it with noodles, making a vegetarian noodle dish.

This product contains 6 pieces.

69 dkk

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Estimated preparation time : 10 minutes

Bring the water to boil in a pot and season it with salt and a little oil. Upon water is boiling add the vegetarian gaozi and let it boil for 7 minutes. Discard the water and serve the boiled gaozis. Tip: If you love spicy dishes, add a bit of our Red Silk Chili (not included) with the gaozis.