Siu Mai

Siu mai, har gao, char siu bao and xiao long bao are present at every dimsum table. Dimsum Sibling’s handmade siu mai has a long tradition starting from Hidden Dimsum. We starts with long time chopped pork, mixed with mushrooms and ginger. The filling is wrapped around a thin wanton pastry, and upon steaming the juice from the filling is entrapped inside our siu mai. No wonder why siu mai is among the best seller dimsum at the siblings’ Hidden Dimsum.

This product contains 6 pieces.

59 dkk

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Estimated preparation time : 10 minutes

Fill a pot with water. Make sure that when the steamer is inserted, the water level is below the steamer, so that the does not come in direct contact with water upon steaming. Put in the steamer with the dimsum and bring the water to boil with lid on. From the moment the water is boiling, wait 5 minutes and the dimsum is ready. Add more water into the pot, should all the water be evaporated during steaming.