Lotus Leaf Wrap

Every dimsum is an experience, and the siblings believe that the Danes should stop thinking fried rice as the only rice dish associated with dimsum. No two lotus leaf wraps are the same, as the recipe generally originates from farmers working in the field. In the sibling’s version first glutenous rice is soaked in broth, following by mixing it with chicken and mushrooms. The fillings are packed in softened lotus leaf. Upon steaming an additional dimension of taste is absorbed inside the filling which comes from the lotus leaf. No two lotus leaf wraps are the same, and the sibling’s lotus leaf wrap definitely stands out!

This product contains 1 pieces.

59 dkk

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Estimated preparation time : 15 minutes

Add water into a pot and make sure that the water level is below the steamer, so the lotus leaf wrap does not come into direct contact with water upon steaming. Put the lotus leaf wrap in the steamer and turn on the heat to max and put on a lid. When the water boils, steam for a total of 12 minutes. Add more water into the pot should all water be evaporated upon steaming.