Iron Goddess Tea

The sibling’s dimsum house has an agreement with a tea farmer growing Oolong tea near the village where the siblings originated. The crop will be harvested at Spring every year, followed by nine complex tea making steps including roasting and fermenting. The result is a pleasant fragrance tea perfect for dimsum while not stealing the taste from dimsum. Please see our instructions on how to brew this tea. One tea bag is enough for several brew in a teapot.

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Estimated preparation time : 5 minutes

To brew a good tea for dimsum, emphasize must be placed on tea temperature and the importance of rinsing the tea first. Bring water to boil, and wait around 30 sec after the water has boiled in order to cool the water to around 80C. Fill the entire tea leaves into a pot, and pour the water into the tea pot so it is around 30 % full. Wait for around 1 minutes. In this process the most intense aroma from the tea fermentation process is dissolved into the water, and at the same time the tea leaves unfold. Discard this portion of water and now fill the tea pot with boiled water. Let the tea brew for a couple of minutes before drinking. Note that his is a very premium tea, and therefore there are plenty of aroma inside the tea so the tea pot can be refilled several times.