Ha Gao

No dimsum table is complete without har gao, siu mai, Xiao long bao and char siu bao. In this original classical har gao, the siblings used long time chopped shrimp with bamboo shoot as the inner filling. The pastry is based upon pure rice flour making this dish having a very fine and smooth texture. Although at the sibling’s dimsum house the new dimsumer always asks for soya with any dimsum, the sibling’s general recommendation is to leave out the dip in order to fully taste the umami from the shrimp and the handcraftship.

This product contains 6 pieces.

99 dkk

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Estimated preparation time : 10 minutes

Fill a pot with water. Make sure that when the steamer is inserted, the water level is below the steamer, so that the does not come in direct contact with water upon steaming. Put in the steamer with the dimsum and bring the water to boil with lid on. From the moment the water is boiling, wait 5 minutes and the dimsum is ready. Add more water into the pot, should all the water be evaporated during steaming.