Duck Gaozi

A atypical gaozi filling and yet it works! This gaozi is the result of the sibling’s experiment and now used at the sibling’s Hidden Dimsum 2900. Here we chopped duck together with the skin and mixed it with seasonal veggie. Upon steam pan fry (see instruction) the result is a gaozi that is both crispy outside while soft and juicy inside.

This product contains 6 pieces.

59 dkk

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Estimated preparation time : 10 minutes

Grease a frying pan with oil and warm it up. Add the gaozis and add a glass of water. Put on the lid and turn the heat to max. While the water is evaporating the gaozis are being steamed inside the frying pan. Remove the lid once almost all water is evaporated, and turn down the heat to medium allowing frying the gaozi until it turns golden brown. Tip: Gaozis are perfect to be served with Red Silk Chili (not included).